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About Victoria

Victoria (Atamian) Waterman is an accomplished advocate for women and girls, dedicating her career to promoting leadership and empowerment. She has made significant contributions through various platforms such as her TEDx talk titled "Today's Girls are Tomorrow's Leaders," numerous op-eds, media interviews, and receiving awards. Growing up in Rhode Island in a multicultural and multilingual household with Armenian Genocide survivors has greatly influenced her storytelling abilities. Now, Victoria aims to shed light on the often-overlooked stories of courageous women who not only survived but resisted the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide, becoming the pillars of reconstructed communities after the war.

Victoria's dream of writing a historical fiction novel about her family's survival and immigration to the United States became a personal goal when she discovered flowers at the gravesite of her late aunt, whom she was named after. Aunt Vicky had passed away in 1963 and had no children. Intrigued by this mysterious gesture, Victoria embarked on an extensive research project to unravel the secrets surrounding her family's past. Her tireless efforts and discoveries will finally be unveiled in her debut novel released in 2023.  PhotoCredit: TEDxNatick / Leah LaRiccia Photography

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