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I look forward to reading Victoria Waterman's work on little-known stories of women's resistance during the Armenian Genocide. I am inspired by the dedication an passion with which she pursues this project.


Khatchig Mouradian, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies (MESAAS) Columbia University


Author of "The Resistance Network: The Armenian Genocide and Humanitarianism in Ottoman Syria, 1915-1918"


Armenian and Georgian Area Specialist in the African and Middle Eastern Division (Near East Section) at the Library of Congress



A Year in Review for "Who She Left Behind"
"Victoria's sumptuous writing and uncommon wisdom about the human spirit will haunt readers as much as it beguiles them." Aline Ohanesian

Video Interviews

Chandler Chat 407 Victoria Waterman
On this episode of the Chandler Chat, host Harriette Chandler interviews first-time author Victoria Atamian Waterman on her newly published historical fiction novel "Who She Left Behind." The novel captures the Armenian immigrant experience, from the historically overlooked female perspective, across multiple generations spanning from the late Ottoman Empire to 1990s New England, and reflects her own journey to unearth and address some of the lingering trauma left by the horrific Armenian Genocide of 1915.
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