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Debut Novel Coming Next Year

Who left the doll at Aunt Vicky's Grave?

Tory Churmartian grew up listening to stories from her grandmother and great aunts about the old days in their cherished home in Gurin, Armenia.  Tory along with her brother and cousins were often told by their grandmothers to go back to a certain tree in their beautiful yard to find the gold and dolls they buried before their deportation in the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Years later while visiting the grave of her deceased aunt, Tory and her husband were stunned to find a doll and flowers at Aunt Vicky’s grave.  Who could have left them?  What secrets did her brave aunt bring to her grave?

Based on a true story and inspired by historic events, follow Tory as she uncovers the hidden secrets that connect her even deeper to the woman for whom she was named.

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I look forward to reading Victoria Waterman's work on little-known stories of women's resistance during the Armenian Genocide. I am inspired by the dedication an passion with which she pursues this project.

Khatchig Mouradian, Ph.D.
Lecturer in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies (MESAAS)
Columbia University


Author of "The Resistance Network: The Armenian Genocide and Humanitarianism in Ottoman Syria, 1915-1918"


Armenian and Georgian Area Specialist in the African and Middle Eastern Division (Near East Section) at the Library of Congress

Waterman invokes the voices of her ancestors and makes their stories come alive in her compelling novel.

Judith Saryan
Project Manager, AIWA publication of three book translations of Zabel Yessayan

At TEDxNatick, we look for speakers who can effectively deliver an important story that has never been previously told from their perspective, while connecting with our community audience through authenticity and passion. Victoria has been one of our dynamic speakers and exemplifies our standards of excellence.

TEDxNatick Co-Curators
Steve Gullans and Rosemary Driscoll

Victoria Waterman's empowerment of today's women leaders makes her voice ideal for telling the stories of yesterday's women leaders.

Susan Colantuono, founder and former CEO Leading Women
author, speaker, thought leader

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About Victoria

Victoria Waterman has made a life-long career of advancing women and empowering girls; most recently as CEO of Girls Inc. of Worcester, MA. Her Talk “Today's Girls are Tomorrow's Leaders” and related news articles have been seen by thousands of viewers. 


Born in Rhode Island and growing up in an immigrant, bilingual, multi-generational home with survivors of the Armenian Genocide has shaped the storyteller she has become.

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